Nhận chuyển hàng hóa, quà biếu & tiền từ Mỹ về Việt Nam


We are committed in finding cost effective Road Freight solutions, providing support for all USA states clients needing strategic transportation assistance. We intend to allied with customer and offer the most comprehensive and competitive solution for your specific need and deadline.

*** Please contact our office to get the full price lists and details for Ocean Freight and Car shipping to Vietnam options.


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*** Container Shipping: Goods using 20FT or 40FT container shipping from USA is a cheaper option for exporting heavy and bulky cargo. Types of cargo can be commercial goods, household items, new and used vehicles, textiles, arts and antiques and many other types of cargo.  We mainly deal with 20 feet and 40 feet standard dry containersNo job is too big or too small for us, as long as we have a description of the contents going into the container, the type of container you require, and the destination in Vietnam. We will provide you with the best shipping container price. 


*** Car Shipping to Vietnam:  Shipping offers a variety of shipment options for the USA relocation of your vehicle. Each shipment method is customized to the individual needs of each client as they transport their vehicle to Vietnam . One of our international relocation specialists will discuss your options with you

*** Please contact our office to get the full price lists and details for Ocean Freight and Car shipping to Vietnam options.

           Air cargo is an express service that clients opt for if they want their cargo to get quickly to its destination in Vietnam. Air cargo can include personal items, excess baggage and many other types of cargo. It is much cheaper to export excess baggage with ASHA Freight than it is to use the airlines directly.  We require a volume/weight in order to provide you with a quote.There are two options available for our clients:

*** Airport to Airport Service: This is a option where the customer personally delivers the air cargo to drop-off points at Tan son nhut airport in Vietnam . 

*** Door to Door Service:  This is a convenient option of the personal items or excess baggage for some of our destinations due to our clearing agents in Vietnam.

*** Prices are available on the to all our destinations. Please contact our office for more information

For further information on goods that are classed as Dangerous Goods for Air Freight please see the links below: